Precision Stamping Division



Provide high-precision metal stamping processing including mechanical parts, exterior parts, professional aluminum shell (lens barrel, mobile phone case, speaker etc.), 35"~100" TV backlight PVED parts processing, stainless steel lens barrel stretch stamping and CNC machining, stainless steel laser welding, automobile parts, optical components, imaging equipment hardware, home appliance peripheral hardware, game console hardware, computer peripheral hardware, mobile peripheral hardware, optical rangefinder, office machine, medical equipment and other hardware and exterior components processing.


This Business unit has 138 press processing machines in total including, 29 units continuous press processing machines w/ 45T-300T, 109units single- press processing machine w/45T-160T, 6 lines of professional large / small TV backlight panel production lines, 60 units of precision CNC lathes, 20 units of precision CNC turning and polishing machines, 5 automatic laser welding production lines, 3 sandblasting machine production lines, 10 automatic tapping and riveting production lines, 2 automatic drawing production lines and 3 polishing production lines.


We have more than 30 years in professional precision metal processing field. We provide the most stable quality, most competitive cost and the shortest delivery date. Quality is the first priority. We will continuously strive for excellence and win customer's confidence on quality.

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We always do our best to provide the most comprehensive service and satisfy customers’ need. Any design requirements can be customized.

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