Care for employees


Asia Optical healthy working place

Received “Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace - Best Service Award” from Taichung City Government
Received “Healthy Working Place-Activate Enhancement Award” from Ministry of Health and Welfare, Executive Yuan
Received “Healthy Working Place-Activate Health Award” from Ministry of Health and Welfare, Executive Yuan

Employee Health Checkup

Health checkups twice a year; health examinations for workers engaged in hazardous job once a year

Employee health management

Health records management for workers engaged in hazardous jobs
Workplace preventive measures for brain- and heart-related diseases

Maternal health care and protection measures

Identify hazards and risk factors for Female employees aged between 15 and 49; implement preventive measures to protect female employees of childbearing age

Human factors hazards prevention management

Identify workers whose duties are exposed to high-risk human factors situations. According to the health questionnaire collected by the Health Center and the record of pain relief patches, we show regular cares to the workers who take sick leaves and help them get medical advices from doctors.

Fitness for duty and Return to Work

Assessment fitness-for-duty and return-to-work include: commuting injuries, injuries and wounds caused by duty performance, injuries to muscles, bones and joints, and maternal health protection

Health Promotion

We care the welfare and health of the employees the most. We have installed AED and host periodical AED and CPR training workshops.
We hold health and safety workshops once a quarter.
To encourage our employees to exercise regularly, we also have badminton courts.
We deliver monthly health and safety information to enrich the knowledge of personal health and disease prevention of employees.

Emergency Treatment

Emergency treatment and deliver to hospitals when accidents (e.g., be wounded, shock response, etc.) occur

Occupational Health Services

Monthly occupational health enquiry services to explain the results of employee health checkups, evaluate fitness for duty and return to work, and share safety and health information

Nursing Room

Provide independent, calming and relaxing lounge for nursing mothers
Provide child-rearing information and tips

Massage services

Free massage services provided by professional massagers