Having the confidence and enthusiasm, Asia Optical insists on innovation, quality, service, and reliability. In addition, Asia Optical continuously dedicates to recruit mechanical and electronic professionals to enchance technologies and to develop fast-growing high-tech products so as to successfully transform to an integrated company in optics, mechanics and electronics. Asia Optical has introduced various new technologies and equipment and set up many related business units and affiliates. Asia Optical has entered into diversified management and successfully consolidated upstream and downstream supply chain to provide a total solution to customers. From a small part to a finished opto-electronic product, Asia Optical is capable to provide customers all-in-one service.


Quality Assurance

Our quality policy is “Perfect Design, Quick Improvement, and Customer Satisfaction.” To offer high-quality products and services to satisfy our customers, we built and maintain the Quality Management System (QMS) and strictly follow ISO9001 and IATF16949. The QMS is to ensure the implementation of PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle, thereby improving process to offer better quality products. We encourage employees to continue training themselves to enhance their professional competence and quick service to earn satisfaction from customers.

To offer better products and services, we always stand with the customers to solve problems. Customers’ feedback is the most regarded item to review product design, as well as to develop and manufacture products. Our team will continue to review products to make sure the design keeps “meeting the needs and expectations of customers”.

We care our customers. Customers’ feedbacks have driven us to improve management and operations. We implement customer satisfaction questionnaires periodically to better understand their needs. By doing so, we conduct internal improvements on products and services and continuously strengthen corporate management and core competitiveness to propose designs and make products that satisfy customers’ needs.

Asia Optical guarantees to build and maintain a sound Quality System and implement the quality policies below:

Responsive Layout

Quality Policy

Perfect design, proactive improvement and customer satisfaction

Retina Graphics

Quality Target

Proactive improvement and cost down

Powerful Performance

Quality Commitment

Provide products at right time, right quality and right quantity

Certificate ISO9001

Certificate IATF16949(A)

Certificate IATF16949(B)