Environmental policies


Asia Optical (established 1980) has been cooperating with Japanese partners to develop molding lenses. By accumulating years of experience, Asia Optical is capable to provide diversified high-end optoelectronic products and maintains its position as a pioneer in domestic and international markets of optical lens, optical thin-film components, and laser optoelectronic components.

Natural resources are limited, but human intelligence is not restricted. Asia Optical endeavors to produce user- and environmental-friendly high-tech optoelectronic products and strictly follows the related regulations and requirements of products and services. We always convey our corporate policies to all employees and also disclose to the public to demonstrate our resolution to protect environments and the health and safety of employees. At the same time, governance and audit system is built to perform the Environmental, Health and Safety Policy. To sustain the development and business of the Company, we commit to adopt the following strategies:


All staff shall follow the Environment, Health and Safety System.

Comply with the applicable requirements of the environment, health and safety laws.

Keep the management of employee safety and health in workplace.

Cultivate and train employees’ awareness of environment, health, and safety.

Continue improving pollution prevention and environmental and safety protection.

Develop green products to avoid secondary pollutants.