The main SMT equipment model:NPM-W2,We can produce the PCB size:L50mm*W50mm ~ L750mm*W550mm;Elemental size:0603 chip~L150mm*W25mm*T30mm ,The minimum pitch of BGA ball:0.35mm。


Engaged in professional SMT processing,product category:PCB 、FPC、Rigid- Flex Board SMT processing,Our products are widely applied to digital camera,DVD burnes, Hd projectors,TV wall,sweeper,laser rangefinder,scanner,smart home,automotive electronics,and so on.


Professional SMT Production ability, as well as the Production Process Planning and External Communication allows us to provide customers with the most stable quality, the most competitive cost and the fastest shipping. At present also has the automobile tire pressure,the automobile Panoramic all-in-line machine assembly production line。

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