Environmental Management System


Asia Optical's environmental management system follows ISO 14001 PDCA cycle (Plan→Do→Check→Action). Every year “corporate environmental policy” is established to prevent and control pollution. Then every division stipulates its own policy accordingly to meet environmental target. Through internal and external audits, environmental performance is checked, modified and verified.

Asia Optical follows environmental regulations and other related requirements to carry out environmental policy and make improvements. ISO 14001 is used as a standard to prevent deviation from regulations/goals and avoid the risks of environmental pollution and accidents.

Green Products

Management and Vision of Green Products

We bear in mind our chairman's management and environmental protection value: “ the resources is limited in the earth, but human wisdom is boundless. Combined with everyone's power, we can make high tech opto-electric products that are fond to human and friendly to the earth,” and act in accordance with the international environmental protection regulations such as RoHS and WEEE, etc., as well as development trends of other directives. For example, the European Union actively pushes for green products. In 2003, it declared the two directives RoHS and WEEE, in which six hazardous materials such as Pb, … are forbidden to use, and the electrical products, imported into the European Union, should meet the regulations of RoHS and WEEE, etc. The two directives RoHS and WEEE, once announced, had caused major revolution of green products in the global scale. Thus, many international companies such as SONY, EPSON, etc., have aggressively implemented and promoted its green competitiveness, in order to achieve the purpose of sustainable business operation. Therefore, to promote the competitiveness of green products, Asia Optical group, has requested all the raw materials, parts, components and sub-assemblies that supplied to Asia Optical must meet Asia Optical's green procurement standards, so as to reach the goal of Asia Optical's green product activity. This would requires the involvement of all supplier partners’ cooperation and dedication in order to create green development of the industry and upgrade of own competitiveness to achieve “making high tech opto-electric products that are fond to human and friendly to the earth.”

Green Supply Chain Management

To ensure our supplier partners fully understand Asia Optical's green product strategies, Asia Optical has held the activities such as “Green Supply Chain Supplier Forum” and “Green Production Materials Survey”, etc., in order to ensure the smooth and successful development of Asia Optical's green products. A qualified green supplier needs to provide its green production materials for Asia Optical's green product team’s review. Once approved, the supplier can be enlisted in the preferred green supplier list. If a supplier does not understand Asia Optical's green product strategy or how its products and process can be tested and verified to meet Asia Optical’s green products requirements, it can counsel with Asia Optical's green product team for consultation and assistance. For high risk product and process, the green product team will conduct a factory on-site inspection which suppliers should be able to offer assistance and cooperation.

Green Products Management

With the global rise of environmental consciousness and responsibility to the environment based on the enterprise, Asia Optical shifts the management approach from production-oriented approach in the past into a greener supply chain. Under the original production and quality management system framework, Asia Optical adds green products, environmental protection, low-power, low-pollution efforts in the technology development and related environmental management system: that is, put the environmental protection principles into the supplier management and evaluation mechanisms.

Asia Optical maintains the relationship with the suppliers for the life of the relationship and partners and keeps the faith of working together to develop and create maximum profit. We build and update AO green supply chain management system step by step.

At recent stage, the green supply chain management systems in A0 have been in line with European Union RoHS directive, and will update our actions to international laws ,regulations, the green product specifications and requirements from our customers.

Prevention of Environmental Pollution

With the rising sense of environmental protection, environment issues have extended from regional to global level. And the issues of environmental protection have also expanded from pollution control to pollution prevention further to resources conservation as well as sustainable development. Asia Optical also advances from pollution prevention to resources conservation and sustainable development.


Saving Energy

Management system build-up

Human beings utilize varieties of energy to fulfill daily life. However, with resplendent achievement, we also induce green house effects, dramatic ozone loss in the lower stratosphere, and acid rainetc. All of above are obviously connected to the utilization of energy. Thus how to make energy utilization more efficiently is everyone's duty. There are hundreds of ways to make cost downward and sharpen competitive advantages for one company to meet the above target. Energy saving is the easiest and practical solutionTo save electricity is also an important assignment of saving operation cost. This is also one method to cut down operation cost and increase corporate competitiveness.

Energy saving activities

Build up a mechanism to implement these energysavingBy enhancing staff training and guidance on general knowledge of energy saving, we do energy saving as our routine, such as monitor auto shout-down, office illumination management, periodical equipment maintenance, etc. We not merely learn the importance of energy saving but also put into practice as well.

Paperless office administration system

AOCI officially implemented electronic business process management system (BPM) since May in 2006, which opened the door for paperless office operation.