Business Philosophy


Asia Optical's business philosophy are the pursuit of edge-cutting technology, humanity management system, leading optical industry, sharing business results and encouraging employees to always look for growth personally and professionally.

Master core technology, create powerful synergy

Asia Optical establishes numerous business units and related enterprises to become a multi-development company. We successfully integrate up-stream and down -stream industry. We can manufacture complete product lines from small components to larger optical products. We provide customers comprehensive service. In addition, based on optical-core technology, Asia Optical continually explores new territory to develop novel products, integrating mechanical and electronics expertise to optimize our technology. We have become a group enterprise with strongly focus on optics, mechanics, and electronics. Along the way, we insist to master core technology, create powerful synergy, and successfully embrace new challenges.

Shorten products development schedule. Be the optical leader in the world.

Asia Optical only develops products related to its core technology. We attach high importance to innovation and keep enhancing our R&D capability and have been awarded nearly 1,000 patents. Meanwhile, we are aggressively developing American, European, and Japanese market, learning business styles and culture from Japanese enterprise. Our goal is to be the optical pioneer in the world.

Management Philosophy: Every employee is the owner of the company.

“Every employee regards himself/herself as the owner of the company” is the management philosophy of Asia Optical. From an innovative idea to product commercialization, the whole process is fully supported by the Company. Talents are cultivated through the process and employees are able to fully display their skills in the workplace.