Salary & Benefits


Statutory benefits:

National health insurance, labor-insurance, pension preparation fund, arrear wage debts repayment funds, labor occupation injury and disease insurance, and labor pension.

Highly Competitive Salary System:

Comprehensive compensation structure of salary, annual dividends & performance bonus, holiday bonus, holiday bonuses, patented invention rewards, and proposal rewards.

More benefits are offering:

Annual health examination, health inquiry with factory physician, regular health workshops,free massage,lactation room,legal consulting,group insurance for overseas deployment and business trip (life insurance/accident insurance, payables for weddings & funerals, supplemental payment for injuries and diseases, maternity benefit, lunch benefits, regular entertainment activities, subsidies for group activities, discounts from appointed store, irregular product display by external suppliers, travel subsidies for domestic and international trip, emergency allowance, birthday party, family days, year-end party, employee restaurant, convenient store, free parking space, art and recreational space, sport facilities and squipment.

Retirement System & Implementation:

Our retirement system is established and implemented based on the Labor Standards Act and Labor Pension Act of Taiwan.

1、Labor Standards Act (old system): Defined-benefit plan

a、Employees can apply for retirement when they meet any one of the criteria below:
‧Job tenure over 25 years.
‧Job tenure over 15 years and age over 55-year-old.
‧Job tenure over 10 years and age over 60-year-old.

b、Pension payment:
When an employee obtains retirement approval, one month of the average monthly salary will be considered as a basic unit for pension calculation. Per job tenures, two basic units will be given for one-year tenure. For the job tenure over 15 years, one basic unit will be given. The maximum is 45 basic units. Job tenure less than half-year is counted for half a year. Job tenure more than half-year is counted for one year.

2、Labor Pension Act: Defined-contribution plan

a、AO will bear 6% of the worker’s monthly wage:
According to the Monthly Contribution Wages Classification of Labor Pension” released by Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry of Labor, the amount of labor pension borne by the employer for staff may be within 6% of the worker’s monthly wage. Such amount shall be deposited into in employees’ individual pension account.

b、Employees’ voluntary pension deposit:
Employees may voluntarily deposit pension funds within 6% of their monthly salary.

3.Apply for retirement benefits:

a、Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS): Employees who willingly wish to retire early shall offer the “Retirement Application” for approval.
b、 Mandatory Retirement Scheme (MRS): The HR Department would prepare a retirement list and inform the heads of units/departments. Then, those units/departments would review and approve the retirement list before they inform retirees to apply for retirement leave.
Note: According to the retirement regulations, the right of a worker to claim retirement benefits shall be aborted if it is not exercised within five years from the month following the effective date of retirement.