Application Submission:
Please submit your resume through either 104 or 1111.


Interview Preparation
We will schedule an interview by phone call. Then, we will provide a link for collecting your personal information.


1.Please make sure to arrive on time. We may give you a quiz if necessary.
2.HR Department will invite department manager(s) to join the interview.


Offer Notice
1.For regular employees, our HR colleague will inform onboard information by phone call, and then email office notice to you.
2.For contractual employees, the staffing company will inform onboard information by phone call. Please make sure to arrive at the appointed place on time.

Warm reminders
1.Due to a large number of applicants, we may not reply for unqualified applications.
2.We will contact candidates through texts, emails, and phone calls. We will also email a thank-you note after the interview.