Optical Lenses

PGM (precision glass molding) of aspherical lens, glass spherical lens, plastic lens, prism, precision coating components


Compact lens, projector lens, DSC lens


We provide high-quality DSC that are characterized by high precision, high magnification, high zooming, 4K ultra-HD action shooting.

Laser Products

monocular and binocular laser rangefinders and important module in laser rangefinder products.


Possess Global ODM/OEM integration capability to fulfill all types of requirements.

Pico Projector Engine

The height of our current optical projector is only 5.5mm, which is the thinnest module in the world.

3D LiDAR(3D Light Detection and Ranging)

Our products are characterized by fast distance estimation, long-distance estimation, and high precision, as well as to efficiently remove the impacts of ambient light on LiDAR.


3D LiDAR can be used in ADAS such as automatic parking, blind spot monitor, collision avoidance, emergency braking, pedestrian detection.

Security and surveillance:

3D LiDAR can build a virtual wall and detect intruders regardless it's day or night.

Robot vision system (Industry 4.0):

3D LiDAR can give robots eyesight capability. Combination with AI system, robots can see and understand what and how to do their jobs with higher efficiency and proper way.

iphone 2

TOF technology:

3D LiDAR use TOF technology to achieve long range distance detection.

Multi-echo technology:

Multi-echo technology can filter out interference caused by small particles. It can get a more accurate distance detection.

AGVs and drones:

3D LiDAR with AI combination, AGVs can identify workplace and make an even smart navigation plan. Drones can use 3D LiDAR to generate precise land image and proceed with further application.

3D LiDAR design is our specialty See More

10x Folded Type Zoom Lens Module For Mobile Phone

Mac iPad iPhone

Short Overview.

Using a 48- or 64- megapixel sensor with pixel cropping technology to achieve an optical zoom over 10x.
Product Features:

  • Large aperture
    Non-circle aperture (exclusively patented)
  • Slim-shaped module
    Lens cutting technology
  • Low temperature drift
    All molded glass design
  • Dual-mirror OIS
    Exclusively patented OIS


@6400-mega @4800-mega @1200-mega @800-mega
4800-mega 6X 12X 15X
6400-mega 6X 7X 15X 22X

Future,we make it brighter


CROSSZONE Headphone CZ10
(2nd Generation)

The prevailing headphone design uses drivers to create biphonic sound fields in the head ( internal sound localization). Asia Optical used an acoustic method to resolve the internal sound localization and successfully developed a ground-breaking headphone that can accurately reproduce the sound fields and spatial information of sound sources.

Acoustic Resonance Technology

Natural External Sound Localization & Natural Sound Fields

With the acoustic technology, CROSSZONE CZ-10 is mounted with two driver units for main sound sources (to display high-/low-frequencies) and the other one driver to naturally reproduce the external localization and sound fields without limitation by sound sources.


Natural Sound Quality & Balance

CROSSZONE CZ-10 has two driver units for main sound sources and the other driver unit for reverse-channel sound sources. Copper rings are mounted on the both sides of earphones to enhance the structure strength and reduce unnecessary vibration, thereby realizing the nature and pure acoustic display from low to high frequencies.


Comfortable Wearing

The structure of the prevailing headphone design would cause different level of lateral pressure on listeners due to their head size. To ensure every listeners’ best-user experience, CROSSZONE CZ-10 equips torsion springs within the earphone hinges, which allows listeners to comfortably enjoy music for a longer period of time without fatigue.