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Care for employees

Asia Optical healthy working place

Asia Optical was awarded “healthy working place-activate health” certificate by Ministry of Health and Welfare, Executive Yuan.

Employee health management

Provide employees health examination once a year.

Health examination abnormal management: classify personal health, arrange on-site doctors, provide individual nurse consultation and health instructions, and assist follow-up health examinations.

Long-stay employees health management: individual health management; provide local hygiene, disease information and precautionary measures.

Health information sharing

Provide common disease and popular disease’s precautionary measures and health knowledge.

Health speech

Based on employees’ demand, arrange health-promoting forum every season.

Emergency care

Assist accidents (such as wounded, shock..etc.) emergency care handles and arrange to hospitals.

Health care center

On-site nurses and doctors provide health consultation and health instructions.

Baby-feeding room

Provide female employees’ individual, safe, warm place to relax and feed the babies.

Provide related information to raise a child.

Massage service

Employees free massage service provided by massage professionals.

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