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Precision glass molding lens
To provide first-rate service, we try our best to meet customer needs. All specification could be customized.
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  • Part NO:A069600199
  • Glass Molding material:L-BSL7(OHARA)
  • Diameter:Φ48.2
  • Central thickness:4.29
  • Part NO:CV021650499
  • Glass Molding material:AL-LAH85(AOCI)
  • Diameter:Φ22.4
  • Central thickness:1.53
  • Part NO:CH151100199
  • Glass Molding material:D-K9 (CDGM)
  • Diameter:Φ13
  • Central thickness:0.8
  • Part NO:PH263200499
  • Glass Molding material:AL-BAL42(AOCI)
  • Diameter:Φ19.6
  • Central thickness:7
  • Part NO:BH131502199
  • Glass Molding material:N-FK51A(SCHOTT)
  • Diameter:Φ1.7
  • Central thickness:0.373
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