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Corporate Culture

Asia Optical was established in 1980. We’ve cooperated with Japan in technology to polish lens. Now we’ve stepped in multi-technology products in optics and electronics. Asia Optical is the leader in advanced technology such as optic lenses, optics membrane components and laser electronics products. Moreover, Asia Optical has become over-the –counter company in Oct., 2000, achieving remarkable results.

In response to 21 century’s trend toward optical fiber and the new facilities established, Asia Optical repositions brand new enterprise image, representing swift speed as light, mastering in global business stage. Over the years committed efforts, Asia Optical has become a glory international enterprise in 21 century.

Asia Optical adopts a new CIS system refining its original logo from triangular prism and circulated lens unit to symbolic triangular arrows and circulated light bands in order to provide better visual perception. The new logos provide not only systematical and integrated visual effect but also the senses of preciseness and perfection.

Meaning of the logo

Middle triangle stands for triangular prism. Connotation: Enthusiasm & precision technology.

S-shape circulated color band stands for zooming concept of lens unit. Connotation: Effectiveness, internal and external interaction.

Middle white circle implies open-mindedness and foresight, the belief of persisting in perfection.

Assistant logos

Growth: To sprint forward, forge ahead. Sales should "grow, grow and grow".

Cooperation: Harmonious relationship with business partners, positive competition and mutual growth.

Taking root: To solidly take root, consolidate foundation and grow up strong. Cost should be "reduced, reduced and reduced”.

Sustainable operation: The internal business philosophy and external mutual benefits with partners are essential to business sustainability.

Team work: Employees work like teams in the Company. From a small company to an international enterprise, Asia Optical keep growing and taking challenges.

Making breakthrough: Integrating different ideas, putting people’s efforts together, Asia Optical moves toward to the goal of becoming an innovative organization.

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