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Oct Asia Optical’s Laser Range Finder Riflescope was honored by 2013 National Invention and Creation Award.
Nov Asia Optical was awarded the Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace by the Department of Health for its remarkably healthy working environment.
Sep The Human Resources Sect. of Asia Optical wins the Bronze Metal Award in 2012 TTQS(Certificate of Taiwan TrainQuali System) from the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training.
Nov ASIA TECH IMAGE INC. was officially listed in Taiwan's GreTai Securities Market.
Nov Asia Optical won Gold Award in VGP(Visual Grand-Prix).
Sep Asia Optical won "2010 National Invention and Creation Award" from the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Jan Asia Optical and Microvision's collaborated 「SHOWWX」 Pico Projector won the Last Gadget Standing CES 2010.
June Excellent optoelectronic products was awarded to Full-Crossline Laser.
June Excellent optoelectronic products was awarded to Opti Fault Locator.
Dec December 12, 2006: The results of the “Taiwan"s Most Prestigious Corporations” surveyed by CommonWealth magazine ranked Asia Optical the 3rd place in the optoelectronic industry.
June SHANGHAI FPC operations start.
Oct Received Outstanding Innovation Award of ITA Award (Industrial Technology Advancement) by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Aug The Chinese name of Taiwan Top Optical Co., Ltd was changed from 台灣理光 to 台灣禮光
Mar A joint venture company with Japan Pentax Precision Co.,Ltd. was established and named Pentax Precision Co.,Ltd . Its main products are optical engines for black & white laser printers and related components.
Feb Mr. Yang Ru Dai, the vice chairman of the National People"s Congress , visited Dongguan Sintai Optical.
Aug The Image Capture Binocular acquired the silver medal award of the National Invention and Creation Award at 2004.
Jul Establishment of Shanghai/Jiading Factory.
Apr Acquired 2nd Taiwan Optical Communication Excellence Award.
Feb Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd started official mass production for SLA in Shen Zhen Sintai Optical Co., Ltd and the is inaugurated Shen Zhen Gong Ming facility.
Jan Officially contracted with Ricoh Company Ltd. to acquire 85.5% share of Taiwan Ricoh Co., Ltd. Total invested amount was 473 million NT dollars.
Aug Establishment of TOKYO T.S. OFFICE.
May President of Republic of China, visited Asia Optical.
Mar Small Business Integrated Assistance Center led National Representative from 15 countries including Russia, Poland, Costa Rica, Honduras … etc. to visit Asia Optical.
Feb Vice President of Legislative Yuan, Mr. Bing-Kun Jiang visited Asia Optical.
Sep Received Outstanding Award of ITA Award (Industrial Technology Advancement) by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Aug Establishment of Shenzhen GongMing Factory.
Aug Public listed on TSEC (Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation).
Dec Received ISO 14001 certification.
Sep New building for An-he branch was accomplished and moved in.
Aug Laser Rangefinder won the Excellent Optoelectronic Product Awards in Taiwan.
Oct Officially listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE).
Dec Strategic venture formed betwee Nikon Japan and Asia Optical. HANG ZHOU Nikon Camera Co., LTD. was established and focus on producing camera lens and parts.
June Accomplished the development of super compact Laser Rangefinder.
May Received ISO 9001 certification.
Oct Developed digital camera and the production was started.
Aug Strategic venture formed betwee Nikon Japan and Asia Optical. GUANG DONG NIKON was established
Jan Successfully developed Laser Rangefinder and the production was started in June 1998.
Dec Laser Rangefinder was successfully developed which also set a milestone for the start of Laser Rangefinder processing in the country. The product was started in April 1997.
Jan Strategic venture formed between Richo Eleme Japan and Asia Optical. RICOH ELEME Office Machine Co., Ltd. was established and focus on manufacturing copy machine accessories.
June The launch of production of monocular for Sony.
Apr In cooperation with Information Storage Division of OES to develop the optical pick-up head for MODD (Magneto optic Disk Driver).
Feb In cooperation with Optical-Film Lab. of OES (Optical Electronics & System Laboratories) to develop nonlinear crystal coating.
Dec Developed a super-compact & powerful binocular under CUTELITE own brand.
Nov The production of photocopier lens for KONICA Japan was started. The production of scanner lens for SHARP Japan was started.
Nov Successfully developed half mirror for CD and MD usage.
June Developed the broad-band Optical Monitoring System with OES of ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), and brought in automatic optical-film processing system from optical-film Lab. of OES.
Jan The production of V8 video camera conversion lens for SONY Japan was started.
Mar Brought in Japanese high-tech multi-layer coating equipment and know-how (ex. IR, UV coating...)
Mar Strategic venture formed between RICOH Japan and Asia Optical. Tailien Optical Co., Ltd. was established and focus on camera production.
Jan Established the optical design department, focusing on optical design.
Feb Under the technical cooperation with Olympus Optical Co., Ltd., the development of medical / bio-chemical microscope was smoothly accomplished.
Jan Foreign Investment Bussiness Units were set up in Southeast Asia to supply DC motors,lens polishing and other assemblies.
Mar Aspheric plastic lens technology was successfully developed.
Feb Developed and manufactured ROOF PRISM which made a breakthrough in the country.
Aug Another contract with TASCO to produce roof prism compact Binocular and Spotting Telescopes.
Jan Started the technical-cooperation contract with Kenko Co., Ltd. of Japan and accomplished the development / production of astronomical telescope.
Jan A technical collaboration agreement with Sekon (Optical) Co., Ltd. was signed and the production of lens for optical apparatus were started.The business with Taiwan RICOH also started in 1982 by supplying lenses for 35mm auto-focus cameras.
Oct Asia Optical is established, focusing on optical products design and production.
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