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》5x optical zoom
》28-140mm wide-tele zoom lens
》16.15MP CCD sensor
》2.7 inch 230K LCD screen
》720p HD video
》Digital Image Stabilizer

features introduction
Panorama stitching
Follow LCD screen’s indication to shoot four frames, the camera will auto process and stitching four images together as one panorama image.

Auto Scene Detection
The camera can intelligently detect environment’s parameters and define its most optimized shooting mode, and it helps users capture different scene or object much easier.

Smile Detection
When an object is smiling to camera with smile detection on, the camera will shoot the photo automatically.

Face Detection
Emphasize on human face to enhance focus the portrait more clearly.

HDR High Dynamic Range
It enables color dynamic parameter exceeding normal range to enhance image details more clearly in both brighter and darker area in the photo.

Product Specifications
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