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》36X optical zoom
》24-86mm wide – tele zoom lens
》1/ 2.3 inch 16MP effective pixels CMOS sensor
》3.0 inch 460K resolutions LCD screen
》High Definition Video, 1920x1080,30fps
》OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer)
》Li-ion Battery 1100mAh

features introduction
360 degree panorama stitching
Maximum capture 360 degree image and automatically combine it into one full panorama image.

With the HDR function, pictures that are overexposed may be corrected to optimize the highlights and lowlights captured to more accurately represent the actual scene.

Face Beautifier
The camera is set to automatically adjust camera exposure for realistic portrayal of skin tones and eyes.

1080p Full HD Video
1920x1080P (30 fps) captures daily objects much more clearly.

Pet Detection
Intelligently detect dogs and cats faces portrait and capture pet cutest moment.

Photo Frame
Provide 12 interesting frame options when shooting photo.

Fast Speed and Super Fast Speed Continuous Shoot
The fastest continuous shooting speed can reach to 120 frames one time to capture most glamorous moment.

Continuously shoot multiple frames at one moving object then overlap these frames into one photo.

High Speed Movie (Slow motion)
By recording a moving object at super fast frame rate then playback recorded file at normal 30fps speed to create a slow motion movement effect.

Product Specifications
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